The story behind Law Powered By Women®

Sep 6, 2021 | By: Julie Luhrsen

We didn’t start out as Law Powered By Women®.

In fact, we serendipitously fell into it. It was about a year after Christy and I hung our shingle as Luhrsen Goldberg. We paused to consider that perhaps all those folks coincidentally marveling about how amazing it was that we were a female-run law firm might be onto something.

Prior to that, we’d chuckle and swap stories about how yet another client we’d met with brought it up. Or a vendor seeking to do business with us made mention of it. We’d laugh about how a neighbor we bumped into at the grocery store remarked about it.

After the pause (and realizing that those marvellers were on to something), we brainstormed.

Pondering our brand

We conceived to capture not only that we were a female-led law firm, but also what makes us stand out.

As much as Law Powered By Women® piques peoples’ interest and is memorable, we also knew it would be subject to differing interpretations.

Lest people think that we’re just a couple of tough-minded b*@%!y women attorneys, we set out to define and exemplify (through our website, this blog, our TV ads, our community involvement and other marketing efforts) what we mean by Law Powered By Women®.

In truth, we do fight hard for our clients, but we’re a lot more than that, too!

Who and what we are for our clients

We bring life experiences, perspectives and skillsets that set us apart from many of our male counterparts. (Who, pardon my digression, are ironically usually applauded for the very same qualities that women get penalized for.)

Those qualities look like some combination of the fact we’re busy working moms who can juggle, prioritize and get things done. Add to this a sensible, intuitive and sympathetic nature.

Furthermore, we maintain a conscious commitment to personally be involved and available to our clients from the beginning to the end of their cases. We also put an intentional focus on understanding the details as well as the big picture. Put together, you’ll get a pretty good sense of who we are and what you’ll get with us.