Negligent Security

Negligent Security Attorneys in Lakewood Ranch

Negligent security claims arise out of the failure of a business or property owner to provide adequate security, thereby causing property damage, injuries, or death to a visitor on his or her premises.

Property owners, depending on the type of property or business, have duties of varying degrees to keep their visitors reasonably safe. Basic security measures can prevent foreseeable dangers like an attack, an assault, or an armed robbery.

We typically see negligent security claims arising out of cases of assault (including sexual assault), battery, robbery, shootings, fights, even murder, on properties such as:

  • Restaurants/bars/nightclubs
  • Gas stations
  • Factories
  • Schools and universities
  • Workplaces
  • Hospitals
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Hotels
  • Parking garages and parking lots
  • Banks
  • Apartment buildings
  • Shopping centers

General examples of negligent security

Although an attorney who deals with negligent security cases will research to determine if appropriate safety measures were, in fact, in place, some general examples of negligence might be:

  • No security cameras or malfunctioning camera equipment
  • Untrained and unqualified security guards
  • Lack of security guards
  • Doors that cannot be locked, or broken locking mechanisms
  • Inadequate or missing lighting
  • Broken fences or gates
  • No alarm system or malfunctioning alarms

Of course, just because these conditions may exist, a negligent security claim isn’t necessarily viable.

Your attorney will help to prove that in fact the lack of the security measures actually caused the damage, and will also have to prove that the property owner should have been easily able to foresee the incident creating the damage.