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Personal injuries can happen in many places, including stores, event venues, or on the road. You could be hurt in a car crash, using a product at home, or as the victim of a crime. Recovering from injuries, along with seeking compensation from those who hurt you, can be overwhelming without competent legal guidance.

At Luhrsen Goldberg, we provide compassionate and experienced representation to the community of Bradenton, FL, and the surrounding areas, including neighboring Parrish, FL, Palmetto, FL and Ellenton, FL . When you or a loved one is the victim of someone else’s negligence, schedule a free consultation at our office to speak with our Bradenton, FL, personal injury lawyers.

Why Choose Us for Your Bradenton Personal Injury Claim

When you live your life taking care to avoid injury, it is upsetting when another person’s carelessness causes you harm. At times like these, you need a trusted legal advisor who understands how to guide you through the complexities of the insurance and legal systems.

At Luhrsen Goldberg, we understand how frustrating, even unfair, it feels to suffer consequences for someone else’s careless decisions. We work on the side of families, never for the powerful insurance companies who are known to deny, blame and minimize. While you recover from your injuries, we put our experience and tenaciously work to get you, our client, the best result possible under the circumstances.

Our Bradenton personal injury attorneys will investigate your claim and build a solid claim against those who hurt you. Our lawyers will develop a strategy that is personalized to your unique circumstances. With over 40 years of combined legal experience, we put our knowledge of the law to work for your best advantage. We seek a quick settlement that meets your needs, but we are ready for the courtroom when needed.

Protecting Your Rights and Your Claim in a Personal Injury Case

Often, after an accident, you face not only the pain of your injury, but also confusion as to how to handle the various aspects of your case, what your rights and responsibilities are, and whether and how to proceed. Even if you have not considered making a claim, it’s important to understand that everything you do and say can help or hurt your case. It is thus wise to take certain steps to protect your rights and gather useful evidence to support your claim.

The more information you can provide to your personal injury attorney, the better they can do their job. Whether you file an insurance claim or a lawsuit, your chances will be improved if you take these suggested actions:

Take Photos and Get Contact Information at the Scene

As much as you are able,take pictures and collect other evidence at the scene. This material can be critical to the success of your personal injury claim. Take photos of your injuries, anything that contributed to your accident, and the environment.

If you were hurt in a place of business, request an accident report from an employee or manager. It is even more important to gather contact information from anyone who witnessed the incident; do this even if the business also gathers this information!

If the police are called to a car crash or other incident, their report will be very valuable as an objective account of the situation. Obtain contact information from anyone involved in the accident and any witnesses.

Seek Medical Care Right Away

Depending on how you were hurt, you or someone else may call 911 for assistance. If paramedics or EMTs are called to the scene, allow them to conduct an evaluation and render any aid you require. This immediate treatment can identify obvious as well as latent injuries that could get worse later or need further medical attention. It also establishes a direct connection between your injuries and what happened.

If you are not treated at the scene, make an appointment to visit your doctor right away for a full evaluation of your injuries. When your Bradenton personal injury attorney has proof of how significantly you have been hurt, they have a stronger case to prove the defendant’s liability.

Those at fault may try to deny their responsibility or push the blame onto you. Insurance companies try hard to disprove your claim and avoid paying compensation for your injuries. Having solid medical documentation to back up your claim makes this more challenging for them to do.

Make a Record of What Happened

Along with photos and video from the scene, make note of what the symptoms, impacts and difficulties you encounter due to the accident. Capturing your thoughts and feelings when they are fresh will prevent you from misremembering or forgetting things later. This information is useful to support your eventual claim.

Hire Luhrsen Goldberg’s Personal Injury Attorneys

The effort of dealing with injuries from an unexpected accident or other situation can be frustrating and overwhelming. You do not need to fight with insurance companies or defendants trying to pin the fault on you. Instead of facing this task, turn everything over to the compassionate and knowledgeable Bradenton personal injury attorneys at Luhrsen Goldberg. We will gladly shoulder those burdens for you.

Our team has extensive experience handling insurance claims, which includes investigating and analyzing your case, and pursuing wrongdoers in court. We focus on creating a compelling and personalized strategy where you are in control, guided by our experience and know-how.

Examples of Personal Injury Cases in Bradenton, FL

There are countless situations in which you could be injured. These can occur at home when a product is defective, while shopping if someone failed to clean up a spill, or during a car wreck because the driver was distracted. When others are the cause of your injuries,holding them accountable for their actions is important.

Speaking with a Bradenton personal injury lawyer during a free initial consultation can help you understand your options. You may not think you have a valid claim, but you could be surprised to learn that there are many choices for seeking compensation.

Common kinds of personal injury claims we see in Bradenton, FL, include:

  • Accidents involving cars, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, buses, and trucks
  • Pedestrian accidents on city streets or in neighborhoods
  • Slip-and-fall and trip and fall accidents in stores or on sidewalks
  • Backyard accidents from pools and trampolines
  • Animal attacks and dog bites
  • Injuries at a store, event venue, or someone else’s home
  • Harm caused during a crime, such as assault, robbery, or carjacking
  • Our team will listen to your story and ask thoughtful questions so we can determine how you were hurt and who was involved. We stay in close contact with you and are always available to hear your concerns. Our attorneys strive to develop a solid case that will obtain the maximum compensation you are entitled to receive from those to blame.

    Liability and Negligence in Bradenton Personal Injury Cases

    Just because you were hurt by someone who did not intend you harm does not mean they are not responsible. Our team is skilled at demonstrating liability and negligence and we pursue those at fault by developing a robust case showing a preponderance of the evidence to prove the four elements of negligence:

    • Someone owed you a duty of care.
    • They failed, by action or inaction, to uphold that duty.
    • You experienced an injury or injuries as a direct result of their failure.
    • You have expenses caused by suffering your injuries.

    Your Bradenton personal injury attorney can aggressively negotiate with insurance adjusters and defense lawyers to show them we will not back down. We can share robust proof of their client’s liability and reach an out-of-court settlement. This gets you the money you need faster and without the expense of a full trial.

    Untangling Fault for Your Injuries Can Be Complicated

    We see many claims where multiple parties are responsible for your harm. A car that swerves while the driver looks for something that fell to the floor could cause a chain reaction on the highway. You may get rear-ended because you had to stop suddenly. Is the driver behind you at fault, or is the person who was distracted and caused everyone to react? Finding out who shares what percentage of the blame can be challenging.

    In a store, you may have slipped on a spilled liquid, but if another customer caused a jug of laundry detergent to fall and break open, who needs to be held accountable?The store owner should have been aware of the spill, but whether they had time to learn about it before you were hurt could be up for dispute. As you can see, figuring out the complicated details and how the law applies takes the help of a top-notch personal injury attorney.

    How Personal Injury Claims Work in Bradenton

    No matter how you were injured, the process of filing a personal injury claim in Bradenton, FL, is nearly the same in all cases. Our team will give you the sense of confidence to trust us to handle the legal complexities for you so you can recover in peace.

    In general, you can expect to go through these steps:

    • Hire a personal injury lawyer in Bradenton to evaluate your case.
    • We conduct a thorough investigation of your circumstances.
    • Our team gathers and analyzes evidence to show liability and negligence.
    • We guide you in filing insurance claims and handling the paperwork for you.
    • We tenaciously negotiate a full and fair settlement on your behalf.
    • Our attorneys will proceed to court if the insurance company does not meet our demands.
    • We litigate aggressively to secure the maximum compensation available.

    Our attorneys and legal staff members work hard to create the most compelling arguments to convince insurance providers, judges, and juries of the validity of your claim. We interpret the law to your advantage and push back against any blame they try to place on you.

    Important Florida Laws for Personal Injury Claims

    There are critical statues that may affect how and when your claim is settled. Your attorney can help you determine which of these apply to your specific case. Laws to consider include:

  • Statute of limitations: Florida requires you to file lawsuits within two years of the date of the injury in most negligence cases. Building a strong case takes time, and missing this deadline could cause you to lose your chance to sue.
  • Comparative negligence: Florida allows multiple parties to share blame in a case. Insurance companies and defendants will take advantage of this to reduce what they pay by claiming you bear some or all of the fault.
  • No-fault car insurance laws: Florida requires drivers to carry minimum insurance to cover medical bills and incidental expenses related to any motor vehicle accident they are involved in.
  • Insurance Companies Are Not on Your Side

    When you have been hurt, and it seems clear someone else is to blame, you may think you can handle the problem yourself. It seems simple to file an insurance claim and get the settlement for your bills. However, even your own insurance carrier is necessarily not interested in seeing you made whole. They fight hard to keep from paying you.

    They are very familiar with the law and will use it against you. Common tactics include delaying a response, nitpicking about the cost of your medical bills, and arguing you are to blame. Recorded statements you make can be twisted to use your words against you. Instead of facing this alone, having a strong negotiator to defend you against their underhanded tricks can make a difference.

    Our Bradenton personal injury lawyers fight back on your behalf and against these large companies. We fight for individuals and families, working to get them the settlements they deserve. We prepare for trial, so we can appropriately proceed if they do not meet our demands.

    Recoverable Compensation in Your Personal Injury Case

    Most people only think about the medical bills they see piling up when they think of getting compensation from those to blame. However, there are many kinds of damages that are no less important for your financial recovery. In addition to doctor bills, you must factor in the income you lose when you cannot work, the pain and suffering you are going through, and the effect your injuries might have on you for the rest of your life.

    Those responsible for your harm should compensate you for repaying every penny of difficulty and expense they have caused. These damages are usually classified as economic and non-economic. Economic losses are the ones you can add up with receipts. Non-economic losses address the way your life has been affected by your injuries, which is different for everyone.

    Medical Expenses

    These economic losses are usually the largest part of your damage claim. Doctor bills, hospital fees, surgeries, and treatment plans will skyrocket to tens of thousands of dollars or more. Extended care for future surgeries or therapy must also be included in your demand letter.

    Other economic damages that could be related to your medical bills include renovating your home to accommodate a permanent disability, travel expenses for visits and treatment, and all your medications.

    Lost Income and Benefits

    Staying out of work while you recover puts you and your family at risk of a financial crisis. If you must miss weeks or months of work, you could be passed over for promotions or career opportunities. All this equals a reduction in earning potential that must be reimbursed by those who hurt you.

    Other losses you can claim include:

    • Contributions to your 401(k) or retirement savings contributions
    • Health insurance costs
    • Holiday pay
    • Paid time off
    • Bonuses
    • Salary increases

    Non-Economic Damages

    Paying for your fixed monetary expenses is essential, but the subjective losses you experience are no less significant. These non-economic damages include pain and suffering, shock, embarrassment, and other ways the injury affects your quality of life. Every loss of this kind must be repaid in full.

    Common non-economic losses include:

    • Loss of enjoyment of life
    • Loss of consortium with your partner or spouse
    • Emotional distress
    • Disfigurement or scarring
    • Mental anguish
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Effects of a permanent disability
    • Isolation and loss of society
    • Damage to your professional reputation

    Some injuries seem minor at first but can quickly develop into life-threatening conditions. In addition, you could be left with a permanent disability or chronic pain that limits your ability to work, care for yourself, or live as comfortably as before.

    This could lead to depression or other emotional issues that deeply affect your life going forward. Your compensation should cover all your past, present, and future expenses you will endure, paid by those who hurt you.

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