Slip and Fall

Sarasota & Bradenton Slip & Fall Attorneys

We all know that accidents happen.

We lose our balance in the wrong shoe, or fail to watch where we are going, too busy on our cell phones to look up. An injury caused by our own negligence, even if on someone else’s property, is an accident, and any injuries we sustain are likely not recoverable.

The story is different, however, when a fall, or injury, occurs due to a broken step, a hole in the floor, a slippery surface, or any number of other hazardous conditions that were, or should have been, known to the property owner and repaired.

When a property owner fails to repair a known hazard, or at minimum, warn an invited guest of the hazard, he may likely be responsible for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If you feel any of the above applies to you, or if you have questions about fault, even including your own negligence possibly contributing to your injury, the premises liability attorneys at Luhrsen Goldberg want to hear your story and do our best to come up with a plan to help.

What might qualify as a slip and fall?

A slip and fall is usually due to a compromised ground surface.

Liquid spills, water leaks, even unexpected objects left sitting can cause an unsuspecting pedestrian to fall and sustain injury. Even relatively minor falls can result in broken bones, spinal injury and head injury.

A slip and fall (or a trip and fall in the case of the following), can be caused by a virtually endless list of dangerous conditions, to include inadequate lighting, broken handrails, falling objects, construction defects, algae on sidewalks, uneven floor tiles, breaks in concrete, slanting floorboards, unrepaired pot holes, landscaping holes, or steps in disrepair.