Premises Liability


Lakewood Ranch Premises Liability Attorneys

Premises liability is a legal concept that helps us to understand the circumstances under which a property owner becomes responsible for injuries we sustain on his property. Premises liability claims can be made against the owner of any property, including but not limited to, residential property, commercial property, industrial property, and even vacant land.

Beware the intricacies of these types of claims, however, because the standards of responsibility vary based on type of property, the dangerous condition, owner knowledge, and other factors. If you have injured yourself on someone else’s property, it is important to speak with an attorney who can clearly explain the duty that was owed to you, and whether you have a valid premises liability claim.

When injured on someone else’s property, we may, out of embarrassment, shame, or even guilt, underestimate the severity of our injuries and absorb the high cost of medical care and even lost wages.

Rest assured, the right attorney will work to find any and all possible insurance coverage applicable to those losses. There will frequently be a homeowners insurance liability policy, or a commercial liability policy, in effect.

Premises liability covers a wide range of case types, and it’s important when researching prospective lawyers to find an attorney with experience in the area that is most relevant to your claim.

Our premises liability experience includes:

  • Slip and Fall
  • Trip and Fall
  • Defective Sidewalks
  • Defective Landscape
  • Insufficient/Negligent Security
  • Negligent Hiring/Negligent Retention