Rental Car Crashes

Rental Car Crash Attorneys Sarasota, Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch

With its vast coastline, variety of entertainment opportunities, and inviting climate, Florida draws tourists from all over nearly all year long. Many of our visitors rent cars during their visits … and sometimes, they get involved in car crashes during their stay.

If you are involved in a car crash while in a rental car or with another driver in a rental car, much of what you need to do is identical to what you would otherwise do.

Steps to Take Following a Car Crash in a Rental Car

  • Make sure everyone is all right. Call for emergency medical assistance or seek out appropriate medical care if anyone is injured.
  • Call the police so that the car accident can be properly documented.
  • Exchange information with the other driver, take pictures of the accident scene, and give a statement to the police. Ensure witness information is also obtained. Do not admit fault.
  • Call the rental agency to tell them you’ve been involved in an accident and ask for guidance on how to proceed next.
  • Also, call your own insurance company and report that you’ve been involved in an accident in a rental car to them as well.
  • Also notify the credit card company you used to pay for the rental and inform them.

While the process seems fairly straightforward, a car crash on vacation or while on a business trip can add additional stressors and you may not appreciate all of the appropriate steps to take.

Protections for Rental Car Companies

Because federal law limits the exposure of rental car companies for accidents caused by the driver-renter, it becomes important to determine if there might also be additional insurance coverages to pursue.  

If you have been involved in an accident in a rental car in the Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch or North Port, Florida area, it is important to contact the experienced car accident attorneys at the Luhrsen Goldberg for a free, initial case consultation.  

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