Medicaid and Veteran's Benefits

medicaid and veteran’s benefits in florida


Elder law typically involves counseling on specific long-term care benefits such as Medicaid, and more specifically, Medicaid eligibility.

The expense of a long-term nursing home stay often forces seniors to rely on Medicaid. However, Medicaid eligibility is fraught with complicated planning and financial requirements. Medicaid planning involves a range of considerations, from application preparation, qualification trusts, spousal protection, marital asset protection and undue hardship exceptions.

Veterans Benefits

Veterans benefits include a variety of benefits for not only individuals who have served in the military but also their families and dependents.

The Veteran’s Administration is the entity that provides the broad array of benefits. Programs for veterans encompass a range of services, relating to physical health, mental health and finances. Some specific veteran’s benefits include disability compensation, veteran’s pension programs, free or low-cost medical care through VA hospitals and medical facilities, education programs, vocational rehabilitation, housing and home loan programs.

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