Britney’s engagement signals big step foward

Sep 4, 2021 | By: Neil Lyons

There’s developing news in the saga of everyone’s favorite female pop star, Britney Spears. Britney and her boyfriend of four years Sam Asghari are officially engaged.

Latest development in Britney’s push for change

According to, a source stated that Britney is “ecstatic” about the proposal. The newsmagazine’s website featured pictures of the happy couple and Britney’s new engagement ring (featuring a piece of ice large enough to sink the Titanic).

The latest update follows a string of good news for Britney including her father’s agreement to resign as her long-serving conservator (otherwise known as a guardian of the property here in Florida).

Asghari has stuck with the pop star through a lot of her struggles over the last four years (years which Britney describes as the “hardest years” of her life).

But what is next for Britney?

The main question I have after hearing this news is how Britney’s current guardianship will affect her decision to marry Asghari. In Florida, one of the rights stripped from a totally incapacitated ward is the right to marry.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I am not sure what rights have been judicially stripped from Britney. You can bet, however, that if Britney’s right to marry has been taken away, a petition to reinstate that right is likely on the way.

This is good news for Britney and everyone in the #FreeBritney circle. I hope her string of good luck continues.