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Having a past doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a claim. But honesty is key. I meet with a lot of clients, or potential clients, who are concerned about making a very valid, worthy injury claim for fear of someone digging into their pasts. This could mean uncovering a criminal history, a medical history, a mental […]

We all know that honorary legal degrees are possessed by every single person on the planet, right?  I get it all of the time from potential clients: “My mom’s friend’s sister told me this is worth $8 million.” Or “My friend was in a car crash and got $400k.” Loss, sorrow … but not necessarily […]

There’s definitely a stereotype about personal injury attorneys. To that end, I decided a long time ago that I’ll never be as financially abundant as many injury litigation attorneys. I also realized I am A-OK with that. Some of the stuff I see and hear about makes me cringe, and, frankly, I frequently ask myself […]

I’m not sure if there is something in the air or if this is the newest insurance company scheme. Lately, we have had a number of calls from hopeful new clients saying something like, “Well, I signed some document and took a check, but I’m still hurt.”  Oh boy. We always know this is going […]

Two Weeks’ Notice. Yep, I named my blog post after a poorly rated 2002 Sandra Bullock/Hugh Grant film. (Except that I fixed the grammatical error in the original title by adding the appropriate apostrophe.)  Sadly, the real-life implication of the 14-day rule as enacted by Florida’s Legislature in the No-Fault Act is just as bad […]

If you’ve ever come across a slow-moving car with its left turn signal on and in the fast lane only to find that a little old blue-haired person, you’ve probably thought to yourself that the driver has no %*/? business driving. There’s a chance you’re right … and fortunately, in Florida, where over 20% of […]

We’ve all lived, and learned, that the good old adage “no good deed goes unpunished” seems to hold true nine times out of 10.  Both professionally and in my personal life, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. Is everything disputable? Some would say our society has become overly litigious. I suppose I’m not a […]

So you’ve seen the TV ads, heard the radio ads, been bombarded with all variations of advertising from attorneys who want you to retain THEIR firm.  Yep, we do it, too. Except our advertising doesn’t actively and blatantly disparage our competition. Personal injury attorneys, including Julie Luhrsen and I, all say many of the same […]

Please. PLEASE tell me the truth.   Remember that blog I wrote about how we at Luhrsen Goldberg like taking on difficult-to-prove claims? In that particular blog, I inserted a caveat saying that we like difficult (but not meritless) claims. Over the years we have gotten better at deciphering truth from fiction. In doing so, we […]

I’ve shared a glimpse at the background of Law Powered By Women®. But as with all good things, we’ve evolved. Christy and I always planned that as our practice grew, we would broaden the firm’s horizon.  As it happened, we did grow and thrive. And so a couple of years ago, we embarked on our […]