Be cautious about signing documents

Apr 5, 2022 | By: Christina Goldberg

I’m not sure if there is something in the air or if this is the newest insurance company scheme.

Lately, we have had a number of calls from hopeful new clients saying something like, “Well, I signed some document and took a check, but I’m still hurt.”

Oh boy. We always know this is going to be challenging.

Exercise caution with quick offers

Sadly, insurance companies and their employees will unscrupulously charm injured parties into a quick settlement of claims without actually making it clear what is happening.

More and more we are hearing about insurance company representatives showing up on injured persons’ doorsteps with an actual check printer in tow. They’re ready to offer a small chunk of cash to “help pay for medical expenses.” In exchange, they pressure you into signing documents and waiving your rights.

This usually goes one of two ways. The quick money is tempting, as the injured person has missed work and is worried about paying rent. He or she might be inclined to accept the “favor.”

Alternately, the injured person may see the red flag like a cape in front of a bull and immediately recognize the scheme.

Recourse is limited, so be alert

We do our best to undo the damage caused by signing a full release and cashing that check. However, we are frequently unable to assist.

This leaves truly injured and suffering victims with no further legal recourse.

Let this be your friendly reminder – please – PLEASE – pay attention when signing documents.

At a MINIMUM, have an attorney review the documentation before accepting it.

Please, let’s practice consumer awareness.