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Injuries are an unfortunate fact of life, resulting from unexpected actions and mishaps. However, in some cases, these injuries could have been prevented had another party acted more carefully or responsibly. In these situations, where another party, such as a negligent driver, careless manufacturer, or reckless property owner, causes another person to be harmed, the consequences that suffering such an injury can have on that person’s life can be severe. Whether it may be costly medical bills, income lost as a result of time spent away from work, psychological trauma, or even permanent disability, many of the common effects that serious injuries tend to have can be ruinous to the well-being of injury victims and their loved ones.

For this reason, many injury victims whose damages were caused by the actions of others are entitled to seek compensation for the suffering they’ve been through. At Luhrsen Goldberg, we have substantial experience representing individuals in Florida in this situation, helping to fight for the justice that those who have suffered a serious injury need and deserve.
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