What to Expect From an Initial Consultation

Nov 9, 2021 | By: Christina Goldberg

So you’ve seen the TV ads, heard the radio ads, been bombarded with all variations of advertising from attorneys who want you to retain THEIR firm.

Yep, we do it, too. Except our advertising doesn’t actively and blatantly disparage our competition.

Personal injury attorneys, including Julie Luhrsen and I, all say many of the same things, one of which is that the initial consultation is free.

Not a cookie-cutter consultation

Although I cannot speak for my competitors, I can confidently say not all initial consultations are created equally.

When you reach out to our office, a live person answers your call.

You then speak with an individual who takes some basic information and set a time and date for your consultation.

It is our firm’s policy that your initial consultation is ALWAYS with an attorney.

Your consultation can be in person, via telephone, or via video chat platform. But you will always have your attorney’s undivided attention.

What we’ll cover during your first meeting with the attorney

We schedule injury consultations for an hour on our calendars. However, we’ve gone beyond that time frame, or shorten that time frame should our clients require.

During your consultation, we will review every aspect of the injury event, your medical treatment, your prior medical and legal history, property damage and concerns related to privilege or conflict.

We will discuss your worries, understanding of insurance laws in Florida and how the process works once you’ve retained representation.

You won’t leave our office/call/video chat without all of your questions and concerns addressed. You’ll leave our office with the assurance that if at any time you want to speak to your attorney directly, it will happen.

We are always accessible to you

Although our staff is carefully hand-picked and trained to be the absolute best at what they do, you’ve retained me, or Julie, and you have every right to direct access to your attorney.

As a client, you receive our direct email addresses. Our staff is trained to offer open access to our calendars to schedule meetings or calls at your request.

Be a name. Not a number. Maybe, in fact, size really DOES matter.