Not all send offs go as envisioned

Oct 11, 2013 | By: Julie Luhrsen

Unfortunately, not all send offs for a loved one go as envisioned.  News stories increasingly also provide examples of how the intended funeral, wake, celebration of life has been seriously undermined and even ruined by the gross negligence or abuse of the funeral home, cremation service, or mortuary selected.  When funeral home abuse or cemetery desecration or mortuary negligence transpires, the legal system provides recourse for grieving families. Luhrsen Goldberg is interested in helping right these wrongs.  Our particular focus on funeral home abuse or negligence or mortuary malpractice or cemetary desecration is uncommon in the legal field, but we believe strongly that careless, irresponsible and especially malicious parties within the funeral industry should be held accountable so that similar tragedy and pain does not befall other grieving families. The dead deserve dignity and respect, and they deserve a voice to speak for them. As a Florida Cemetary Malpractice Attorney, Luhrsen Goldberg, LLC takes pride in providing that voice.