Minette Blach

"I was in a car accident, hit on my side with my three-week-old daughter in the car. I had some serious injuries, but thankfully my daughter turned out to be OK."

During and after, you don’t know how you will react in that situation, and there are so many things to think about. Medical bills, missing work, what will happen with the insurance. I didn’t know how we would afford all the medical bills, and they just kept coming. There was so much stress coming at me from so many angles, I couldn’t handle it on my own, and I still hurt so bad.

When I called Christina. From the very first phone call, Christina put my mind at ease. I could feel how much Christina cared, and I knew I could trust her. I cried, because I knew, with her help, it would all be OK.

Every step of the way she was right there with me. At the hospital, all the doctors, specialists, therapists … all the insurance and legal stuff … Christina took care of all the craziness, so I could focus on the big picture – my health and safety and taking care of my little girl.

Through the process, she took all the stress off my shoulders. No matter what it was, she took care of it. Now, looking ahead, I feel great about where things are going. Because of Christina, I was able to put my life back together without having to worry.