Melissa Dickson

"I was rear-ended by a cell phone driver. After months of getting nowhere with the insurance company, Christina got me help in just a few days!"

I was at a red light, waiting for it to change. Someone on a cell phone came up fast behind me and slammed into the back of my car.

I did what I thought I was supposed to do: call my insurance company, give them the information, and they would take care of it. But they didn’t. Trying to get help from the insurance company was a terrible experience, absolutely no help at all. It was a troublesome process trying to get the claim paid. Plus, they make it difficult getting a rental car, which my policy naturally afforded me.

After three months of getting nowhere — car damaged, I’m injured, hurting all the time — I called Christina Goldberg. I was nervous heading into our first meeting. I’d never dealt with anything like this, and I had no idea how it would all work out. Christina immediately put me at ease. We talked about what happened and made a plan. She walked me through the process, told me what to expect, and said I didn’t have to worry about finances or anything else. She would take care of it … and she did!

I came out of that first meeting feeling a huge sense of relief. Finally, someone was making me a priority. I was not going to be ignored or pushed aside. I knew Christina would fight for me.

One of the first things Christina did was contact the insurance company and get me that rental car. They balked, and she told them, ‘It’s in the policy. You have to do it.’ She also battled with them to get my car fixed — and won.

In the accident, I suffered a neck injury, and I needed to see a nerve specialist. Christina helped me find the best medical care, and she took care of all the claims and billing so I could focus on getting better.

After three months of no answers and no help, Christina had everything going in the right direction in just a few days. Without her help, I don’t know where I would be. Thank you, Christina!