Mark Abbacchi, Jr.

"A hit-and-run driver left me for dead, but Julie Luhrsen was there to fight for me!"

I was involved in a hit and run on the interstate. There was a guy switching lanes, driving eractically. He was all over the place. He hit me from behind, which knocked my vehicle off the road. I was tossed out onto the left shoulder of the interstate. At one point, we locked eyes, looking right at each other. I could have been dying, and he didn’t care. I watched as he bounced off at least two more cars and disappeared into the distance.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is find the courage to stand up for yourself. Julie Luhrsen helped me muster that courage. Julie asked me about my concerns, and I told her how my main worry was about my health, how I would recover long-term. I knew if I didn’t get the care I needed, the pain would only get worse. That’s not the kind of thing you expect a law firm to worry about, but that was their priority: ‘How was I feeling?’ ‘Was I OK?’ She went on to guide me and help me get the right treatment!

Julie reassured me, told me not to worry about paying for anything. That was her concern, she said, not mine.

Meanwhile, the guy who hit me would not admit it, and his insurance company was refusing to pay. Julie took up that fight with the insurance company. She refused to back down, turning over every stone. She got the 911 calls, tracked down eyewitnesses, and then she found a witness who had video footage of the accident. When the insurance company saw that, they had to admit the guy was at fault, and they stopped fighting us.

Julie’s team protected me, educated me, and fought for me. Because of her, I got the medical care I needed, the money I needed while I was out of work, and the time I needed to heal.