How are drunk driving accidents different from regular car accidents?


Under Florida law, the victim of a drunk driving crash is the victim of a crime. Such a designation allows for additional benefits to you (for instance, The Florida Crime Compensation Fund), as well as additional insurance coverage benefits, waivers of deductible and co-pays, as well as additional punitive damage claims against the drunk driver. Understanding the differences and inquiries is not something you should attempt to do on your own, so speak with an attorney who is familiar with, and experienced in handling drunk driving crashes.


Legally, as the victim of a drunk driving crash, you are considered under Florida law as the victim of a crime. The Florida Crime Compensation Fund opens up additional benefits to you and additional coverages to you as a result of having been that victim. For instance, your insurance deductibles must be waived. In addition, it’s possible that your attorney can seek punitive damages against the at-fault drunk driver in the litigation of the claim.



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