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Divorce can be an ugly thing. When children are caught in the middle, it can make matters worse. The child’s well-being is what matters most. However, at the same time, one parent should not exploit this to take advantage of their former spouse. Hire a Florida child support lawyer from Luhrsen Goldberg to protect your interests and your child’s.

Why Choose Luhrsen Goldberg for a Child Support Case in Florida?

Founded in 2016 by Julie S. Luhrsen, Esq. and Christina A. Goldberg, Esq., Luhrsen Goldberg is a woman-owned and led boutique law practice. We are committed to fighting hard for our clients and putting our life experiences, perspectives, and skills to work for you.

Those looking for a child support lawyer in Florida turn to Luhrsen Goldberg because they know we have extensive experience in numerous areas of family law. When you seek a child support lawyer, our team of committed professionals welcomes the opportunity to provide you with Law Powered by Women® legal assistance.

Questions to Ask a Florida Child Support Lawyer

When looking into which child support attorney in Florida to hire, you should come prepared with questions. Make the most of your free evaluation by gathering as much information as possible.
Below are a few of the questions you should consider asking a Florida child support lawyer:

  • What is your fee schedule?
  • Do you have references from clients I can read?
  • What documents do you need me to produce?
  • Will you serve as the point of contact with my spouse during the child support process?
  • How often will you provide me with updates about the case?
  • Who from your firm will be involved in my case besides you?
  • Will I be granted access to my case file?
  • How long will it take to resolve this child support dispute?

Many additional questions can be asked, so write them down ahead of time and ask them during your free evaluation. You want to make the most of this opportunity, so coming prepared with as many questions as possible is a smart move.

How to Calculate Child Support in Florida

The Florida legislature determines the amount of money needed for child support. Both parents’ incomes are taken into account, as well as expenses related to the child. A specific amount of responsibility is assigned to each parent, and it is based on their percentage of the combined income. For example, if one parent makes $5,000 a month and the other parent makes $8,000 a month, the total combined income is $13,000. In this case, the parent bringing home more money would be responsible for a higher percentage of the child support.

Unlike items in a divorce, child support is non-negotiable. Parents cannot make up a child support amount that they think will be sufficient and get a judge to approve it. Among other items, the following information is needed to calculate child support:

  • The number of children eligible for child support
  • The net monthly income for each of the child’s parents
  • Childcare costs (e.g., daycare, babysitting, etc.)
  • Health insurance (payments made by each parent)
  • Dental/vision insurance (payments made by each parent)

To get an accurate child support calculation, it is best to speak with a Florida child support attorney. A child support lawyer can ensure nothing is left out of the equation or overlooked.

Common Concerns About Florida Child Support Agreements

One of the biggest concerns about paying child support is how the other parent spends the money they receive. The money is meant for the child’s welfare. However, in some cases, the parent receiving the funds spends the money on recreational needs that have nothing to do with the child, such as eating out, clothing for themselves, and other luxuries. Unfortunately, the court will not oversee how the money is spent.

The parent paying the bulk of the child support should not feel powerless. With the help of a child support lawyer in Florida, they can notify the court of any money that is not being spent properly. Suppose there is any proof that the other parent is spending the money on alcohol or other vices. In that case, this should be brought to the court’s attention immediately to see what steps can be taken to remedy the situation.

Florida State Guidelines Related to Child Support Agreements

The Florida Child Support Guidelines provide a formula for calculating child support. This formula considers several factors, including the parents’ net income, the number of children, and their age. The cost of childcare and health insurance are also part of the formula.

It is important to realize that the parent who receives child support does not have to pay taxes on the money. Also, the parent paying child support cannot deduct the money paid in child support when filing their taxes. If there is a material change in the circumstances, the amount of child support can be modified.

Florida Child Support Modifications

Child support lawyers are essential if child support needs to be modified because of a material change. The modification process involves both parties submitting a family law financial affidavit with income and deductions and a complaint.

Remember, the entire purpose of child support is to serve the health and welfare of the child, so that will take the highest priority. It does not matter if the divorce was contested or uncontested. Making child support modifications comes down to ensuring a child’s needs are met, not the parent’s. Child support attorneys can help ensure that both needs are met.

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