Sarasota / Lakewood Ranch

October 2021

Please. PLEASE tell me the truth.   Remember that blog I wrote about how we at Luhrsen Goldberg like taking on difficult-to-prove claims? In that particular blog, I inserted a caveat saying that we like difficult (but not meritless) claims. Over the years we have gotten better at deciphering truth from fiction. In doing so, we […]

Buzz Feed News recently released a scathing piece titled “Beyond Britney: Abuse, Exploitation, and Death Inside America’s Guardianship Industry.” The piece is a three-part semi-deep dive into guardianship abuse throughout the country.  (I encourage you to read the article yourself).  The authors of the piece cite egregious examples of abuse of individuals under guardianship. In […]

One thing I love about our firm is that we are willing to, and frequently enjoy, taking on more challenging cases. By “more difficult” I mean liability isn’t quite as clear as we would like for it to be.  Don’t get me wrong: There is a big difference between a meritless claim and a claim […]

Two new documentaries came out recently, chronicling the much-publicized saga of pop princess Britney Spears.  One is by The New York Times, called Controlling Britney Spears. The other is from Netflix, called Britney v. Spears.  Britney Spears documentaries have similar focuses Each documentary briefly touches on her early fame and success and dives deep into […]